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Transform lengthy URLs into short, manageable and memorable links perfect for sharing forms, public boards, and documents.

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Simplify Sharing

Overwhelmed by Cluttered Links in Your Project Management?

85% of project teams feel that excessive URLs decrease productivity and increase confusion.


Long URLs are cumbersome to share, especially on platforms with character limits, reducing their effectiveness in external communications.

Teams spend precious hours each week just managing and trying to navigate through extensive links, detracting from valuable project time.


Without proper tools, tracking the performance of shared links is nearly impossible, leading to lost insights into engagement and effectiveness.

Shorten links directly within your projects,enhancing clarity and saving time.

  • Effortlessly add ShortURL to your workspace and get short links for both Boards and Tasks
  • Create memorable, branded links that speak your language
  • Gain insights with detailed reports on link usage and engagement
  • Ensure the security of your data with password-protected URLs that control who can access your information


Streamline your workflow with efficient link management plans


The perfect way to kickstart your productivity and streamline your workflow without any upfront costs.



  • Shorten up to 100 URLs per month
  • Short Board and Items links
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The Starter Plan is designed for small teams or individual users with modest link shortening needs.




  • Shorten up to 500 URLs per month
  • Short Board and Items links
  • Link Expiration Date
  • Basic URL Customization
  • Basic Analytics
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Upgrade to the Pro Plan for advanced link shortening capabilities tailored for power users and larger teams.

  • Shorten up to 3000 URLs per month
  • Short any link
  • Link Expiration Date
  • Custom URL
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Password Protected Links
  • Priority Support


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Integrating ShortURL with your workspace is straightforward. Simply visit the Marketplace, find the ShortURL application, and click 'Install'. Follow the on-screen instructions to add it to your workspace. Once installed, you can access ShortURL directly from any board or item to start creating shorter, more manageable links.
  • The types of URLs you can shorten with ShortURL depend on your subscription plan: Free and Starter Plans: You can shorten URLs directly related to board and item links within your workspace. This helps keep project-related links neat and organized. Pro Plan: You have the flexibility to shorten any URL, not just those within This is ideal for businesses needing extensive link management across various platforms.
  • Yes, ShortURL allows you to customize your shortened URLs. You can choose a custom alias to make the URL more meaningful using the Starter Plan, e.g. And in the Pro Plan you can further customize the URL and aligned with your branding, e.g.
  • A custom URL is a tailored web address that represents your brand or business online. It is unique to your company and can replace generic addresses with something that reflects your brand's identity, making it easier for customers to remember and find you online.
  • A custom URL enhances your brand's visibility and credibility online. It's easier to promote, fits well with your marketing materials, and can significantly improve your search engine rankings, helping you attract more visitors. You can request your custom URL here

  • To request a custom URL, simply fill out our request form with your desired URL and some basic contact information. Once submitted, we will contact you to discuss the details and next steps. You can request your custom URL here

  • Yes, you can! If you already have a website, we can help you migrate it to your new custom URL with minimal downtime. This process ensures that your existing traffic and SEO are preserved.

  • ShortURL is committed to security. We use encryption and secure servers to handle your data. Additionally, for users on our Pro plan, we offer advanced settings that allow you to control who can view or access your shortened links, providing an extra layer of security.
  • No worries, contact us by email ( or leave us a feedback here